Registering your product

To be eligible for obtaining technical support and being informed of the latest updates, you must have first registered your product.

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 Obtaining Support

Read the following to find out where to obtain support:
  • If you did not purchase your product from Neuratron

Please contact the retailer you purchased the product from. If you purchased from Avid/Sibelius, customers may contact Sibelius Support.

  • If you did purchase your product from Neuratron

Please visit the Neuratron Support Page.

What help is provided on

Help is provided on installing and using Neuratron products. Detailed help cannot be given on how to use particular scanners and scanner drivers - technical support may be able to offer general advice but your scanner supplier is responsible for solving any scanner problems.

If using PhotoScore Ultimate or Professional with Sibelius

It is recommend that you use PhotoScore Ultimate or Professional with Sibelius Version 5.0 or later. It will work with some earlier versions but less accurately.

If using Sibelius v3, please ensure you have at least v3.1.3. Earlier versions of Sibelius are no longer supported by PhotoScore.

You can check your current version in Sibeliusís About dialog box (Help menu). If the version is before 5.0, you can find details about upgrading to the latest version from the Sibelius web site


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