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Here are a handful of quotes from customers (all from unsolicited emails):

  • "The new version of PhotoScore Ultimate is fantastic. I use it all the time to update my tunes files"

    Phil Woods - NEA Jazz Master from Pennsylvania

  • "PhotoScore Ultimate is really a huge leap forward for you guys.
    Well done. This is 'real world' ready!"

    Doug LeBow - Emmy Award™ winning Composer from California

  • "Thank you for improving this technology. It's at a really cool spot now! PhotoScore is really fabulous!"

    Marc Schonbrun - New York based Guitarist and Author

  • "PhotoScore has now reached a ripe state. Now music scanning keeps the promise in its name: results are rather stunning. For the first time, music scanning is becoming really usable. I give the people at Neuratron my deepest respect! Thanks for your stunning work!" "PhotoScore just works!"

    Michael Kummer – Bavaria, Germany based Conductor and Teacher

  • "I've been using the Ultimate latest version, and in opening PDF files - it has just been brilliant. I would never have believed that a program could do this so well, and so fast. I was quite in awe when I saw the results of a PDF public domain file being scanned. Just fantastic. Congrats to all those who have worked so hard on this! It really is a fantastic software to use in conjunction with Sibelius 5."

    Stephen Martin - North Queensland, Australia based Composer

  • "I am still in awe over how AudioScore [Ultimate 6] works.  It has dissected some of the most difficult pieces for me so I now know how the pieces were actually written. Really great! The time saved from no longer having to search for transcriptions is worth the price and then some, not to mention just the pure beauty of such a piece of software.  A perfect complement to Sibelius. Plus the download process was a snap."

    Clarke Isackson - Rio Verde, Arizona, USA

  • "Oh my god. This software rocks! All the time I used to spend importing / fixing / correcting has gotta have a price tag. It was taking too long. Buying your product has helped reduce that almost to nothing."

    John Pope - Sydney, Australia

  • "For a computer user with an interest in music, this is an excellent package that publishers such as Adobe would, should be providing. It is not often that a package so completely and correctly fulfills a need that it inspires users from the off. Well done."*

    Terry Burnett, Shropshire, UK

  • "I love PhotoScore and am VERY happy with it. I think you've done a remarkable job. I looked around at other music OCR programs, and this was by far the best."

    Peter J. Creath, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

  • "You have a 'winner' with PhotoScore Midi for the Macintosh... I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Now my prayers are answered. Keep up the good work!!!"

    Walter Gresens, Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA

  • "Your product with Sibelius are fantastic together!! I'm telling all of my friends and they are buying them at convention... Keep developing excellent products for music educators!"

    Sarah Randolph, Joliet, Illinois, USA

  • "This program is MUCH better than your competitor's - and in a much shorter time."

    Keith Walls, Orlando, Florida, USA

  • "I found the product worked amazingly well… Thank you for a great product."

    John Blewett, Cape Town, South Africa

  • "Thanks so much!!!!! It's nice to know I bought from a company who stands behind their product and gives help when needed. I will be a return customer."

    Kim Watters, Calhoun, Georgia, USA

  • "I'm GREATLY impressed by your willingness to work with me on the purchase of your product. I'm so used to shrieking like a madman and tearing my hair with most other computer product vendors, your responsiveness leaves me almost speechless."

    Andrew J. Glick, South Riding, Virginia, USA

  • "Thank you for your prompt and personalised attention, which is a rarity these days and which reflects commendably on your company and its products."

    Paul Lloyd, Australia

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