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Neuratron's debut product in 1993 was Optical Professional - a powerful and fully-featured OCR (Optical Character Recognition) package designed for the British Acorn range of computers - as a means to break into an already saturated software market. Our philosophy was that it would be difficult to be successful with a widespread product such as a word processor, and so concentrated on what hadn't been done before. As a result we received great publicity and acclaim in the Acorn press, especially for a new company.


The idea of sheet music recognition followed as a natural progression, with the software's author, Martin Dawe, coming from a musical family.


After a great deal of effort, Optical Manuscript was made available to the public as an Acorn product in Winter 1997. Publicity and sales were aided by a collaboration with Sibelius Software, who updated their ground breaking Sibelius 7 program to import Optical Manuscript files.


With the Acorn market slowly diminishing, we decided to create Windows and Macintosh versions of Optical Manuscript. It was renamed Neuratron PhotoScore and was first seen as a Lite Windows version bundled with Sibelius in late 1998. The Mac Lite version followed in the second half of 1999.


After nearly four years of development, the full Windows version of PhotoScore was released in late 1999, followed by the Mac version at the beginning of 2000. A lower priced MIDI saving only version was added to the family in the Spring of 2000.



July 2006 saw the release of our AudioScore Professional performance-based music notation software - the result of over five years intensive R & D.

In June 2007, we released the world's first music scanning program capable of reading handwritten, as well as printed, scores - PhotoScore Ultimate 5.

Versions 6 and 7 of both AudioScore and PhotoScore were released in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

Soon after, we began development of the world's first music handwriting app for Android and iOS tablets and phones.

NotateMe was an instant success when it was released in October 2013. 2014 and 2015 saw versions 2 (including an adapted PhotoScore capable of recognizing scores taken using a camera) and 3 released.

June 11, 2015 saw versions 8 of AudioScore and PhotoScore released, with the NotateMe music handwriting technology integrated back into our PhotoScore product.


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