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PhotoScore Ultimate 6 offers a feast of time-saving improvements over version 5, including:

  • Next generation handwritten music recognition

    • Now works with a wide range of existing styles
    • Includes an innovative handwritten style editor with graphical feedback allowing PhotoScore Ultimate to recognize even more styles
    • Much higher accuracy
  • Increased printed music recognition accuracy

    • Recognition of multi-bar rests
    • Improved tuplet recognition - now picks up duplets in compound time
  • Powerful rescoring features

    • Part and voice extraction
    • Page reformatting
    • Instrument reordering
    • Automatic note rewriting for a new clef (handy when changing the instrument)
  • Essential editing tools

    • Bad timing navigator window - an indispensible tool that lists all timing errors and allows quick and easy navigation to them
    • Find and replace feature for correcting repeating problems in a score - e.g. a certain syllable in lyrics, removing unneeded text or for changing the text type
  • Flexible text editing

    • Easily swap between staff and page types
    • Drag to reattach to different staves
    • Set formatting such as bold, underlining and italic
    • Easy entry and support for metronome marks in beats other than quarter notes
  • Improved playback features

    • In-window buttons offering quick and easy control
    • Pause feature
    • Ignore repeats and multirests option for when checking for mistakes
    • Always play whole system option
  • Versatile MIDI file saving

    • A track can now be created for each voice in a staff
    • Saves MIDI files containing any number of tracks so that a user may manually associate them with channels in a sequencer program
  • Many more enhancements - see here


"PhotoScore Ultimate is really a huge leap forward for you guys. With this newest release I am finally able to read scores (very well!) that NONE of the earlier versions were able to make any sense of!"

"Well done. This is 'real world' ready!"

Doug LeBow
Emmy Award™ winning Composer


"Thank you for improving this technology. It's at a really cool spot now!"

"PhotoScore is really fabulous!"

Marc Schonbrun
New York based Guitarist and Author


"PhotoScore has now reached a ripe state. Now music scanning keeps the promise in its name: results are rather stunning. For the first time, music scanning is becoming really usable."

"I give the people at Neuratron my deepest respect!"

Michael Kummer Bavaria based Conductor and Teacher


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