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PhotoScore Ultimate is the new name for PhotoScore Professional and reflects its wealth of powerful new features. Version 5 offers the following major improvements over 4:

  • Dual-engine printed music recognition -
    Accuracy reaches dizzying heights!

    By combining the two most accurate printed music scanning engines in the world (each independently developed), PhotoScore Ultimate achieves recognition accuracy far greater than the sum of the engines - it really has to be seen to be believed!

  • Handwritten score recognition!
    You read correctly - Neuratron has been very busy and has made a massive technological breakthrough with the world's first and only music scanning software designed to read handwritten, as well as printed, scores. Currently optimized to read freshly written music (rather than old archives) PhotoScore Ultimate 5 gives musicians the freedom to compose music away from their computer, perhaps next to their favorite instrument, or relaxing in a field a long way from civilization!

  • Edit while PhotoScore reads
    PhotoScore now reads in the background leaving you free to edit or rearrange each page as it is recognized

  • Advanced scanned image management system
    Worry less about managing scanned pages with the new Pages Pane - it completely replaces the defunct Scanned pages dialog

  • Repeat ending, Coda and Segno recognition

  • Cross-staff note and beam recognition

  • Recognition of ornaments such as trills, mordants and turns, in addition to pedal on and off markings

  • Now a Universal Binary application so runs at full speed on all Macs

  • Improved recognition of text, now in up to 120 different languages

  • Many more enhancements - a full list can be found by clicking here


"PhotoScore Ultimate is really a huge leap forward for you guys. With this newest release I am finally able to read scores (very well!) that NONE of the earlier versions were able to make any sense of!"

"Well done. This is 'real world' ready!"

Doug LeBow
Emmy Award™ winning Composer


"Thank you for improving this technology. It's at a really cool spot now!"

"PhotoScore is really fabulous!"

Marc Schonbrun
New York based Guitarist and Author


"PhotoScore has now reached a ripe state. Now music scanning keeps the promise in its name: results are rather stunning. For the first time, music scanning is becoming really usable."

"I give the people at Neuratron my deepest respect!"

Michael Kummer Bavaria based Conductor and Teacher


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