Changes for v7.0.1

  • Improved recognition accuracy

  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion): No longer requires the user to enter the product id each time it is run. Product Id must be entered the first time it is run on each user account.

  • Various bug fixes

 Changes for v7.0.0

  • Enhanced audio recognition engine using the latest RipCut engine from Hit'n'Mix

  • More accurate transcription with improved barline determination and note recognition

  • Improved sound quality for individual notes played back from within the original recording

  • Instrument recognition and Instruments pane for quickly allocating notes to instruments

  • Mic recording: instant graphical feedback of the performance showing the precise pitch and nuances of each performed note

  • Clearer and more straightforward transcription process

  • Removal of VST plug-in and MIDI driver due to technical restrictions

  • Various bug fixes

 Changes for v6.5.0

  • Much improved note recognition accuracy

  • Opens music many times faster

  • More accurate automatic notation

  • Much faster automatic notation

  • Improved 'original' playback when clicking on individual notes

  • More colorful and detailed notes displayed, depicting sound characteristics more closely

  • Various bug fixes

 Changes for v6.1.0

  • Much improved tempo and barline prediction means cleaner, more accurate notation

  • New 'note sensitivity' slider allowing you to quickly refine what AudioScore has picked up

  • New 'smallest note duration' slider allows for more accurate and cleaner notation

  • Original audio can now be viewed and played to assist when comparing recognized notes with the original

  • Support for 24- & 32-bit .wav files

  • Various bug fixes